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Questa, NM 87556
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Loans, Checkings, Savings, CDs


Payroll Deduct Service
We would like to encourage you to take advantage of any Payroll Deduct Service offered by your employer. We have membership cards and payroll deduct forms for those of you interested in joining our Credit Union. Your employer will deduct the amount you specify, and deposit it directly to your account at the Questa Credit Union. This is a great way to save. It is money you never get your hands on, you don’t see it, so you don’t miss it.

Declared Dividends
Dividends are declared by the board of Directors based on current income, available earnings and market conditions.  At present, the Questa Credit Union calculates dividends on a daily balance method and pays them into your account semi-annually.

The Credit Committee meets weekly in order to process loan applications. They utilize the loan policy established by the Board in processing applications. The Questa Credit Union also offers credit life and credit disability insurance on your loans at a reasonable rate. Credit Life pays the insured balance of your loan, up to $30,000.00,in the event of death and credit disability makes your loan payments if you become disabled.

CD’s                                                                                                             Questa Credit Union offers CD’s with competitive rates.

Free Checking Accounts!!

Debit Cards: Free

Monthly Fee: No Monthly fee with regular direct deposit and a minimum of 10 signature debit card transactions per month.  $5.00 fee if these conditions are not met.

Unlimited Check Writing and Signature Transactions

FIND AN ATM   Click here to find the closest surcharge free ATM 


Type II Checking

Debit Cards: Free

Monthly Fee: None (unless balance falls below $1,500.00, then $10.00 per month)

Unlimited Check Writing and Signature Transactions


Business Checking

Debit Cards: Free

Monthly Fee: $5.00

Unlimited Check Writing and Signature Transactions



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